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Analysis & idea

Through my 2 first semester I've learned several tools for planning, developing and creating a campaign through in depth analysis. I've worked with different models for keeping oversight over expenses and time management. Familiarized myself with the tools for idea creation and branding of businesses/organisations.


I've learned how to utilize different Social Media platforms & how to target a specific audience through the case studies I've been working with in school projects.


I've worked with all parts of the design processes on the different projects I've been involved with.

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I've been working with HTML & CSS for a couple of years, but I'm fairly new to Javascript.




5 Years Experience

I've gained extensive knowledge in Photoshop regarding illustration, photo manipulation, color correction through the years.



1 Year

I'm fairly new to illustrator, but I'm a fast learner. Most of the art, icons etc. you see on this website is created by me in Illustrator.



< 1 Year

Like Illustrator InDesign is a rather new experience for me, but I've worked with it alot through this past 1/2 year and I'd be able to create flyers, brouchures, postcards etc. for you with glee.


Alternativets Green Book - Schoolproduction

See the rest of the project on "The Alternative Assignment"

Fake Zulu Ident - Schoolproduction

A fake Zulu ident animated in After Effects.

After Effects

< 1 Year

I've been working with AE on the two schoolprojects you above below. Animation has always interested me and I've been working with rough animation for a couple of years.


Premier Pro

< 1 Year

I've been working with Premier Pro on "the Alternatives Green Book". I did the editing, cutting, voice/sound-overlay, logo animations in AE, keying.

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Extensive knowledge


Medium knowledge


Medium Knowledge


Medium Knowledge


Medium Knowledge

Volunteer Work

Restaurant World

In my sparetime I've volunteered in a number of projects online as well as offline. Currently I'm volunteering as a freelance artist in the production of an upcoming Facebook game, called Restaurant World, with people from all over the world.

If you have a project you need help on you can send me a mail and I'll get back to you on it.


If my resumé spiked your interest feel free to send me an email.